Introducing the LANDAUER Radiological Regulatory Suite™

LANDAUER Regulatory Suite

Access the most comprehensive and current database of state radiation regulations for medical, dental, chiropractic, and veterinary practices

state radiation requirements

Know the regulations for complete compliance and cost savings

state regulations

Select easily – by state or territory and subsequently by practice type – the most current regulations pertaining to your needs in dental, medical, veterinary, non-healing arts offices where radiation-emitting devices are used.

state radiation regulatory requirements

For example, a search for: Dental offices in Missouri with X-ray units will yield the above

Additional features include operator requirements within the medical office database –important information that otherwise is time-consuming to find.

This robust resource was developed by LANDAUER medical physicists – and is updated semi-annually for accuracy. The LANDAUER Regulatory Suite™ files offer visual cues such as color coding that highlight new content easily for full compliance, and includes helpful icons and FAQs.

Now you can access the latest requirements quickly and easily – and see clearly any updates from the last review date

The LANDAUER Regulatory Suite is perfect for:

Radiation regulatory requirements for medical and dental equipment manufacturers, distributors

Medical and dental equipment manufacturers, distributors

State radiation regulatory requirements for architects

Medical and dental office architects

Radiation regulation requirements for veterinary and health care centers

Veterinary and health care center designers

Regulatory radiation requirements for practice management groups

Practice management groups

Health care facilities managers, remodelers with need to know shielding regulations

Key features:

  • Sortable lists by state and practice type: dental, medical, veterinary, non-healing arts

    • Detailed equipment for each practice type such as: Cone Beam CT; Cyclotron; X-ray, CT, handheld devices

  • Fresh content with revised date listings

  • Printable PDF documents from states and territories

    • Includes: State shielding/plan review, post-install survey, and periodic equipment testing documents

  • As a bonus to subscribers, you will receive a handy, at-a-glance reference guide of purchased states, practice types and modalities

Annual subscription options are designed to meet your specific needs – for all or some states and all or some practice types.